PetMobil rozmiar na zamówienie.



  Wykonujemy dowolne rozmiary PetMobil na zamówienie klienta. Wycena indywidualna produktu. PetMobil to jest to!

Do ceny PetMobila należy doliczyć koszty przesyłki kurierskiej w wysokości uzaleznionej od wielkości PetMobila.

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Trolley have a shock absorbers, brakes, pneumatic wheels (air wheels), easily overcome any terrain.
Top of cage is made of thin zinc sheet (thin plate) at the top has a covering (carpeting) and basket of cosmetics for dog. The cage M (61cm) together with the wheels is high about 88/90 cm
Top of cage is to prepare a dog for dog show (like grooming table)
Everything is collapsible, cage and all trolley and you also can take off a wheels.
Collapsible trolley has size of about 32 cm (height) but without wheels 27 cm this is very good and the width is the same like a width of the cage. The wheels can be removed, quite easily and simply by pressing the button and releasing. ( )
Here (in Gallery on our website) you find a lot of photos of PetMobil also collapsible.